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WINNERS BEE POLLEN IS NOT MAGIC. What it is, is Nature. It pays dividends when you can provide your horse with a non manipulated product. What would you rather give your horse, a stripped down, single ingredient, overprocessed, de-natured product as so many products are today, or something that comes from the beehive and Nature instead? I think the choice is clear.

WINNERS BEE POLLEN is what your horses need.This dust of the flowers is Nature at its best. The bee pollen is a plant based material that has a broad spectrum array of components and within that array probably contains many elements that we haven’t even recognized yet.

WINNERS BEE POLLEN began on an out of the blue phone call 25 years ago. Royden Brown, the founder of CC Pollen Co, is the person who single handedly saw the benefits of the beehive in general, of bee pollen in particular, and brought bee pollen into the consciousness of the American public. He was not a beekeeper, but he could see, that what was contained in bee pollen was important and powerful.

He came from the idea that the Natural Approach meant better health, better well being and better quality of life. He also came from a belief that the body was a powerful self healing entity if given the tools that would give the body the best chance to perform at its highest level. Royden Brown believed the modern methods of intervening with drugs, isolated ingredients and various surgeries, many of which were unnecessary, interfered with the bodies own ability to heal itself.

He had talked about exploring the possibility of marketing bee pollen to the equine industry. It seemed like a natural. About that time a call came in to Royden Brown’s office inquiring about bee pollen for horses.

That was 25 years ago, in 1986, and it was a gentleman named Buzz Kennedy, who was looking for bee pollen for his horses. He got the idea from Hall of Fame thoroughbred trainer Charlie Whittingham. Mr. Brown took the call and shortly thereafter, met with Buzz Kennedy and then formed Winners Bee Pollen.

It wasn’t long before Buzz Kennedy was going out on the road to introduce bee pollen to the equine industry. At that time, there were only a handful of supplements available and bee pollen and the related products of Winners Bee Pollen were at the forefront. Over time, trainers of most all breeds were using the Winners Bee Products for the well being of their horses. Royden Brown designed his products with the same idea in mind he had for CC Pollen Co. Giving the horse the best shot at well being started with the Natural Approach. Many of the problems could be addressed with natural products and Winners Bee Pollen and the related products fit the bill perfectly.

Again, that was 25 years ago. The same approach is taken today by Winners Bee Pollen. For horses in barns and stalls and traveling and performing in events or races, the Natural Approach is imperative. Foals and yearlings, developing horses, need a solid base to develop their bones and grow their organs and their bodies to their fullest potential. It is the same for all breeds. Charlie Whittingham said that using Bee Pollen was like bringing the “pasture to the barn”. And all the Nature that comes with it.

That phone call from Buzz Kennedy, 25 years ago, started Winners Bee Pollen and in turn, helped the Equine industry look to "natural" as a trusted approach to Equine health.
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